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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Martians (Martian aliens)

A source says that there were and maybe still are two alien races on Mars, long before humans appear on Earth. Those left alive had to leave the planet Mars. Fortunately, their species did not completely disappear. They still exist, but don't live on Mars anymore.

Human Martians

This drawing was made
 after a description
Human Martians look pretty much like the humans. Their skin is thick and orange, the noses are flat and wide and do not seem to contain any cartilage like human noses do. They have small almond-shaped eyes that are brown all across except for some whites on the sides, they have no colorful irises nor any black pupils, just the medium chocolate brown which covers most of their small "Asian" eyes. They have brown hair on their head and ears which perhaps resemble human ears.
They lived in cities on Mars that which still exists there today. There are still lines on the surface of Mars which Martian people had etched into the rock, these lines mapped out streets and buildings and things in the city that humans can find those lines on Mars.

Martians are more sensual than humans and they like to be touched. The early primates had been engineered to make them be very emotional so that they could hopefully learn to stop hurting others. They are very interested in learning and communicating with other alien species and like to find differences and similarities between them.

Martian people were attacked by Reptilians and had to leave Mars because the Martians were and still are mining, so the Reptilians might have seen Martians as a competitor for rare minerals. One of the materials that Reptilians covet from mining is "Plutonium B" that's rare and only found in small amounts.
The Martians know about human origins, how an original primate species on Earth had been modified to become the humans. They even say that they know a raised small mountain ridge on the Earth which across all of these millions of years has not been subject to destructive geological forces and there currently can be found early hominid skulls that are intact there. It's a shame we do not know which mountain is all about. There had been an ET settlement just south of that ridge, with aliens such as Marsians or other similar ones, when the continents looked different.
The Martians tended to talk to human astronauts, but the existence of Martians and the presence of lines on Mars must be secret, so if all these things are real, it means life on the Mars is still possible and NASA hides us a big truth about the etched lines and the cities on Mars and even about these Martians. Or this, or the astronauts didn't discovered still nothing, what is less probable.

Salamander Martians

The Martian Salamanders have black bodies and their eyes are also black. They have somewhat of a protruding snout, and there are many small sharp teeth in both upper jaw and lower jaw. Probably they have a tail. They walk on two legs, and have two arms with which they can carry items. They wear dark clothing with at least part purple coloration.
(could they be a type of reptilians?)

Yes, it's a strange name, but if they don't give a name themselves, we, the humans have to call them in a way. It is said that Martian Salamanders still live on Mars.
Martian Salamanders were created by the Serpent God named Anu. Before Anu created them, they were just what looked like small black salamanders living in small puddles of water. Anu picked them up from those puddles and gave them life, made their bodies larger and conscious so that they were aware of the universe as sentient individuals.
Anu created the Martians so that they were his army troops to be used in the war between Anu's Anunaki people and the Pleiadians. The Martians were foot soldiers armed with rifles. Anu also asked his Martians to collect blood for him. But, after the war against the Pleiadians, Anu saw no more use for his Martian troops, also they were too many to feed. Anu tried to kill them off by flooding their cities but some survived. Anu next took away the females and eggs of the Martians, the Martians were sad but complied to Anu's request and handed over their women, but they knew that Anu had tried to kill them with the floods.
They lived not only in a Martian civilization that had cities and a way of daily life, they lived in homes, their lives had a purpose, and they felt love and gratitude toward their creator God Anu. But, In fact, the Martian Salamanders were good people, but guided by a violent God who even turned against them to destroy them.
(no photos yet)
Information source here: Orion-mind-project-Marsian-Salamanders

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  1. Martians are so sensitive beings that they can't even defend themselves even if Humans attacks them with our current technology.. That's why they're not flourishing now giving time to Humans to develop their hearts..