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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Lyran Aliens (Lyrans)

Lyrans or Vegans are a benevolent alien race, probably from Lyra Constellation, Vega star. Along with the Pleiadians, they are against the reptilians and have representatives in the Andromeda Council. There are different types of Lyrans: Cat-like Lyrans, descendans of Pleiadians, Orions, Sirians, Caucasian types, bird-like Lyrans, Altairians and others. Also, some of them have descendants on other planets and constellations. So there are many types of Lyrans, each species being the descendant of another, they are starseed hybrids. But some Lyran races don't seem so loving and friendly all the time, rather, frightening and uncaring, like Vega Lyrans.

Vega Lyrans

This type of Lyrans are rather tall, they have a humanoid or anthropomorphic build. 
Their hairless head is very large for their body, but ends in a very narrow pointy small chin. Their skin is a pale pink color and they have no hair on the head. There are two small puckered external ears, there is a mouth and a long narrow nose ridge. The eyes are large and have whites to the sides, with a large pale blue-green iris, and the pupils aren't black, but there is a darker shade of blue-green but still even those are pale in color.
 The Lyrans wear long robes of a pale blue-green color with long sleeves.


They can be frightening if they are upset. And they Starseeded only because they felt the need to be creators, not because they love someone or because they care about life. That's all I've found about them so far.

Their planet
Vega Lyrans' planet is murky. The ground is almost black, and it appear to look like cooled down black lava glass. There are jagged mountain chains of dark color. The sky is dark but it has some crimson or purple red furthest down in the horizon, as if the coloration of the gas of an atmosphere, or the blush of a sunset or a sunrise. On planet there are rectangular buildings made out of walls that are panels of a pale blue-green color and these look as if they were made out of glass or a similar material. No doors, windows, or other features could be seen on these wall panels.
Read more about this Lyran race on Orion mind project-Lyran.

Vega Lyrans history
300 000 years ago, in southern Europe, Lyrans came to the Earth to starseed a new race. This
demonstrates that this alien race is much older in our galaxy than we think. At that time there were apes resembling black chimps living on large plains. They did not know how to make the fire, but they were biopsies. The Lyrans came and created a new species between them and apes. Then the Lyrans created a ''satanic'' cult, a monument with a dead ox and fire torches lit on both sides, as a sign and warning for the ape people because in the Middle East were other dangerous aliens there.
First there were the black chimpanzees. The black chimpanzees were Starseeded by the Lyrans, and the product of that was Starseeded on additionally by the Azkeths in the East. The Azkeths are also some extraterrestrials, they had further modified what the Lyrans had first created.
These three populations:
1. The original black chimpanzee apes.
2. The ape that resulted when the Lyrans Starseeded 1.
3. The ape that was Starseeded by the Lyran and additionally had also been Starseeded by the Eastern Azkeths.
The Lyrans were upset that their Starseeded apes had been ruined by the Azkeths, and so the Lyrans took blood presumably of group 3 (or of 1 or 2) which they did not like because it was their ruined work, and the Lyrans fed this blood to either 1, 2, or 3. It was probably the blood of 3 fed to other individuals of 3. The Lyrans did not like that their work with Starseeding the apes had been further Starseeded by the Lyran enemies of the East. I was under the impression that the Lyrans had individuals of 3 drink the blood of other individuals of 3 and that the Lyrans were then going to send those that had drunk the blood over to the Azkeths.
And this is the story said briefly. Read more things about Vega Lyrans here: Orion-mind-project-Lyrans

Lyran felines

Origins and planet
From what I researched, it seems that there are more types of 'feline people' that are different species but with features of lion, cat, tiger, etc and from different star systems.
So, the type-feline alien species are very varied and they are scattered in the constellations of Pleiades, Lyra, Sirius and others, in another Universe. They starseeded and mated with other species like the Reptilians, and that's why it's hard to give them an exact description. But let's see what I found out about original Lyran felines.
Lyran Felines a source describes their planet, and it seems a very different planet to ours, but also possible because scientifically it could be explained.
Their planet in another Universe had pink grass, purple skies and a vast blue sun (or two). The buildings were mostly domed shaped and there were many crystal cities. Such a planet was, however, destroyed in a brutal galactic war. But feline people lived on different planets with different descriptions. Another planet was cold and had also two suns of different colors and green ground and there were vegetation only in certain areas. I'll stop describing this now, because there is a very weird place for humans. The source says that such a planet exists in Sirius too, probably in another Universe.
P.S. If the information seems incredible and impossible, I should tell you that, even if I don't know many things about feline aliens but I noticed a few things that made me to approve the fact that the following information is real.


They are ethereal beings in 4th dimension and maybe in 5th too, but they can also manifest themselves physically and are very strong and telepathic beings. They don't We can generally imagine  that feline people, including Lyran felines, have cat features like prominent to the eyes, mouth, years, nose and hands.
The lion (Lyran) people generally were sandy in color and mainly had golden or red hair coupled with blue or orange eyes and they have tails. Their eyes are yellow, green or blue, large with cat pupils. Other feline humanoids are variations of the lion people and they have different colors like brown, orange or white. Their bodies are covered with fur, but but they like to wear decorative clothes. They are immensely strong and they walk in an almost vertical position. Their maxillary is not as elongated as a lion, but is shorter and the mouth is small. They have wide and flat noses and prominent nostrils. Also, the ears are not as long and sharp as those of the felines, but they are shorter and rounded. These feline people have long hair on their head, something like the lion's mane.
Anyway, if we ever meet a species of feline people, we will definitely recognize them. If you have any experience with this feline beings from Lyra or from where else, please describe them to me.

Personality and behavior
They are able to reincarnate after death in other feline alien species and even in feline hybrids (E.g. Lyran feline-Reptilian)
Lyrans are spunky, they have a spontaneous energy or can be so regal and laid back, that they carry an air of wisdom that makes them appear to be conservative. Their energy is very high in vibration and they cannot be idle for long. They like to be the first to try many things, but seldom finish projects because their energy loses interest after short while. Lyrans have many leadership tendencies when around others who are of a different origin than them, but with others, they get quiet and observant. They like to seek out a good thrill, and love to be the center of a good adventure, that can sometimes lead them into trouble.They are giving, generous, and very open and trusting with everyone at first, but they do keep an eye out at all times for betrayal.
They have this knowing of things unlearned here, that they get from their teachings back in Lyra. Those with a Lyran energy, have a great instinct in life, and can rely on their gut to tell them the truth. They also can get extremely insecure, mad, impatient or jealous if they do not know how to work with 4th dimension energy. In Lyra, they would be very self assertive but mixing their traits with Earth energy can have reverse affects.

They travel in the universe and act as diplomats, because they are a Federation member and they have encounters with Reptilian Draconian Empire members. The feline people came into our Universe with a group of Bird people called also ''Master Race''In an undetermined time, Lyran felines had a brutal war with the Reptilians and Bird people and then Lyran felines traveled and colonized other worlds most notably in Pleiades and Sirius.
Many lion people eventually travelled to Earth, approximately one million years ago. And, during such a time, Earth had been invaded by reptilians from the Draconian Empire. A war ensued between the felines and the reptilians once again. The reptilians were driven underground. However, many humans had willingly turned to the dark and had brought about their own destruction hence the demise of Lemuria and Atlantis, some thirteen thousand years ago.  The lion people still worked with Earthlings who sought to better themselves both spiritually and physically, as did galactic humans who were closer comrades of the lion people.

You can find more information about Lyra felines (and other alien felines) to the next links:
1. (about felines' planets, description, history, UFO)
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Giant and Red-haired Lyrans

Description and history
At present, Red-haired Lyrans are quite rare, but they have descendants in Pleiades (red-haired Pleiadians) and, also, on Earth (red-haired people and giant people of the past).
These entities had a difficulty exposing their skin to certain frequencies of natural light, due to the planet they sprang from, we could say they had fair skin. Some of these were giant in stature, though there were some who were average human size. Eye color was generally light to what we would now consider green.
They evolved as red-haired people from another giant Lyran species and were totally against those Lyrans. The Giant Lyrans had blonde or reddish blonde hair, blue eyes and had strong muscles.There were those from the giant race who left and went exploring. The primary group colonized one specific planet and over generations adapted themselves to the planet. They adapted to the specific mineral content of the planet as well as the atmosphere; the specific wavelengths of the planet’s atmosphere caused the mutation to lean toward the more red tinge.

Personality and behavior
The purebred red-head was very aggressive, violent, passionate and, to some degree, very rebellious and their behavior can be related to the behavior of ethnic groups on Terra who want to have their own religion and their rules and always seek reasons to contradict those from other groups.
I couldn't find any information about Giant Lyrans' personality but we could suppose they weren't so violent and rebellious as the Red-haired Lyrans, but rather calm and understanding.

Lyra Carian (Carians)

Origins and history
The Carians are known by different alien species like the Pleiadians and Arcturians as evidence that they had interactions.
Like the original Felines (Lyran felines), the Carians first arrived from their Universe (probably from Lyra) in this Universe when it was being created. The Carians got a new planet in the Orion constellation for their home and they continued be oriented toward Lyran principles. It was more tropical in design and featured an abundance of humid swamps and jungles. It also had more islands than large land masses.
Like the Felines, they were etheric and, therefore, had to develop physical bodies from the life forms evolving on the planet’s surface and they chose the life form that would become the bird and over a period of hundreds of thousands of years, they developed bodies. When their physical vehicles had reached a certain level of development, they began genetic crossing with certain reptiles that had evolved in the swamps and warmer regions of the planet. The result of this genetic program was the creation of a new hybrid race known to us as the Draconians. In time the Draconians became more abundant than the purebred Carians and they called their creators ''Master race'' and ,also, they fought with their creators. Sometimes they are also called Anunnaki, because Anunnaki don't meant only the aliens from Nibiru, but the geneticist aliens who interacted with Terra at its beginnings like the Anunnaki Reptilians, human Anunnaki, etc.

Carians in Orion (main group of
Lyran Origin)
They developed bodies of varying colors and sizes. Some of them even wear clothes. The Carians have much more variety of size, shape and color in their race. They can be 12 feet tall or only a few inches in height. There is one group of entities who are mammals but their features are very different from humanoid. The body type of these entities would be what we call ectomorph, thin, almost frail and birdlike. The facial structure is angular, sharper, resembling a bird, though these are still mammals. The eyes are birdlike. Their different types of groups have males and females and have different features like blue feathers and feet, tails or no tails, teeth or no teeth, long or short necks, etc. One of them have a more humanoid body shape than others who have a more bird-like body shape. Shortly, their species is as varied as our human species.
This is their general description (including Lyran Carians), but each of them has distinct personal features and we could catalog the Carians in several species that have a common ancestor that's the main group of Lyran Carians.
 To read more about their various descriptions, click on the two links below containing the most useful information about Carians found on the internet.
1. Orion-mind-project-Bird-Race (describing only Lyran Carians in Orion)
2. Star-beings-of-God-Carians (generalized)

These entities are very intellectual calm, civil and courteous. They seem friendly, not vicious, and they don't have the short temper, aggression, fixation with dominance and power, as their Reptilians have. They consider themselves primarily scientists, explorers and philosophers and they do not engage in galactic politics, but they do travel and visit.

Lyran Caucasians and dark skinned Lyrans

I've found only few information about these two types of Lyrans even if they had a big influence on Earth.

Lyran Caucasians 
There's a Lyran type who are light-skinned, light-eyed, hair ranging from almost white to a light brown. These entities' body types would be anything from thin to muscular. They are broadest category. Most of human genetic forefathers were from this Caucasian category.
It is believed that the Lyran Causians started migrating and colonizing other worlds millions of years
ago. These worlds include the Pleiades, Hyades, Procyon, Tau Ceti (Norca), and others. Many of extraterrestrial 'Nordics'  are descendants of the ancient Lyran Caucasians. These Lyran Caucasians and their descendants look like us, and can walk among us unrecognized.

Dark skinned Lyrans
This race is rather like a rare group, but it has had interactions with Terra as well. This was Caucasian in features but the skin is more of a light chocolate, very uniform throughout the whole body. The eyes are brown, although some were
green; and the hair is dark brown. They were considered pacifist and so calm that they could have seemed unemotional.
This group had influence on Terra in the area of India, Pakistan, etc. None of the races now on Terra are pure extensions of any of this dark skinned Lyran race because Earth's humans always mixed between them and other alien species. This Lyran group is not the same as some of the Vegan genotypes who have a different genetic structure. (because physically these two species resemble a little)


  1. Your lion humanoid drawing is exact but their skin colors are also different colors there is black brown tan white blue and orange

  2. I died in 2008 and returned to lyran paradise (ab Rh negative blood type). It has healed and is in the 9th dimension and is stunning beautiful.
    I was sent back to warn my uncle (Apollo engineer, gwen tower engineer, bill schlageter) to shut down the ukraine gwen tower test market because we blow up the planet with his gwen towers in some massive radio explosion. He died. And were now fighting with china over 5g technology with faulty radio... his neighbor (Martha's vineyard) evelyn rothschild is gangstalking and trying to kill me again now.
    Were going to fry earth with our defective technology. please know paradise still exists in the 9th dimension. Be kind and youll end up there too!

    1. As my learnings and teaching I resonate and meditate between thev9th d the 11th dimension. Your thoughts.

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    This journey of self rediscovery is mind blowing... Thank you Cosmos...


  6. Not all lyran lion beings are on the good side , I just meet one very agresive in astral , be aware , they put me a trap , for the dark forces invasion ambush , and they come into my " stuff " very intrusive . again , learn to take control of your journey in astral and to fight those angry abusive intrusive beings , don.t let them dominate you and steal your data intrusive..this time they won time they won't

  7. thank you so much for this post! I was wondering if you have any insight or information about the Altairian-Lyrans? I am either originally from Altair or traveled there but either way, I traveled quite a bit and am so curious about my Star Lineage. Any information or resources would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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  9. I'm just researching alien races. I do believe but it's a bit outside my comfort zone at the moment. I believe I am a star seed. I've never fitted in with humanity and I've always had a longing to go "home" looking at the stars but not knowing where this was. I find it extremely tiresome at times being human but at other times it fills me with wonder with our experiences. Basically, I channelled some information- That I am of Lyrian decent, I am a diplomat, I am here on earth to raise the vibration, but also to observe the human species and to gain as much information as I can about Earth, humanity etc. I also was told that being a Lyrian I have much experience with perhaps "hostile" alien life or life that is different from myself- so the earth mission was a good fit. I've read stuff about aliens before including lyrians- but it never really sunk in. Then I just channel, "Lyrian", "Diplomat", "difficult alien species", "starseed with a purpose" and it all kind of "makes sense" in a way. This society is closed for sure, but a lot of people are starting to broaden their perspectives. It has always baffled me how those in power can have such a lack of caring for their "people" but reading about reptillians- they have to a certain extend, gone away from the "light". I do believe there is good in everybody (my mother told me before I have very feline features, ( I was puzzled at the time to what that meant) and I've been told by a observer at a wedding that I looked ("very regal", which also puzzled me at the time). If there's one animal I resonate with (if not all) then it is a cat, I have about 11 in my care. I adore them and feel as though there is a psychic connection or a connection without words. I'm just living my life trying to be kind and compassionate. I love animals very much and humans too (to a certain extent, lol). I don't love human society, it could be greatly improved, I think human society needs to be communist, which with the recent viral outbreak, it may certainly soon be. There is however been a disconnect from actually being human in my mind recently, I feel more like an observer and I am not overjoyed with experiencing the human condition at times. Anyone else feel like gravity here on earth is way too strong? Unpleasant smells- yuck. And the self care, seems so primitive. Eating, sleeping, pooping such waste of time and energy! I just feel there has to be more. Humans seem like the universes toddler. Other races are just trying to keep them safe. Well most of them anyway, certain races may see them as their perfect little prodigy.

  10. Thank you for sharing this knowledge and also sharing your personal experience/ views. It is appreciated.