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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Ebens (E.B.E.s)

 Ebens (EBE: extraterrestrial biological entity) are non-grey aliens from Zeta Reticuli. They are different from other Greys in Zeta Reticuli. They are so cute, friendly and funny and their skin isn't grey, but a kind of caucasian color, pale blue and maybe others, but not Grey. In fact I found out that Selpo was a host planet for many other species or for species created by Ebens. And they all can be called Ebens because they consider themselves interstellar brothers. i'll talk more about the Southern Ebens because I have two friends out there.
More information about Ebens and their planet, Serpo (correct it's Selpo) in English:
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And here are sites about with astronaut commander's diary (Ebens and Serpo) in other languages:
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  2. 了项目Serpo
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  4. Or search on google ''Serpo project'' in your language :)
Similar photo of Selpo Planet (Serpo)

Description and children
Ebens are aliens from Zeta Reticuli system and live on the Serpo planet (right Selpo because Ebens
can't pronounce the letter ''L'' and say ''R'' ; Selpo 👉 Serpo). It seems that Ebens created a few alien species and some of them have become dangerous in time like the Trantaloids. A few of the species  that were in contact with Ebens (probably living on Selpo) are Heplaloids, Trantaloids, Quadloids and Heplaloids. It was said that Selpo isn't their home planet and they went off their planet because it was too much volcanic activity. But a woman Eben told me that she didn't know about this even if she was born on Selpo, she has known that Selpo is their original home planet.
The Ebens I'm talking about are the ones with Caucasian skin like my Eben friend. They are short and have thick skin; they are just 1.20-1.30 meters and they all seem to look the same. Humans find it hart to distinguish them, but they easily recognize each other. They have 4 fingers on hands and 4 toes and a small mouth and nose. Their eyes are large and are covered with black lenses for protection. Under eye lenses, they have a large blue or green iris, I think so. And the pupils are oval. They have genitals and the astronauts said that these are similar to humans' genitals. They wear complete blue costumes. Women wear a blue scarf around the neck. Ebens need more heat than humans. On Selpo the maximum temperatures can reach 107°F, so hot for humans. But in south the temperatures may drop to 50°F. Ebens have no skeleton like humans, their skeleton is more fragile and cartilaginous. Their chest box looks more bulging than that of humans and the pelvic area is pretty narrow.
In my opinion, southern Ebens' children are so cute, friendly and curious, maybe too curious. They look exactly like their parents, but the children are a little shorter than their parents. Adult Ebens are computed and caring and sometimes reserved, while their children still feel free and open to do anything without fear. They don't realize a possible danger and think everyone is nice like them. That's why, Eben children must be kept under control, because it doesn't matter how many times you tell them not to do a thing, it's as if your words are on one ear and go out on the other; I know this from my own experience.
Archquloids probably have bluish-white skin, they have large noses, small mouths and their eyes are yellow with vertical pupils. They are taller than the Ebens, 1.60m. I don't know the other races on Selpo, even it I found images with Ebens and it seems they don't look so identical to each other. You will see more photos of Eben at the end of this article.
Eben women's style and my Eben friend

Personality, behavior and sexuality
Generally, Ebens are very funny, friendly, cute and smart. They have a very good sense of humor and will always make jokes. They are very calm and caring towards their people and even other races. They love hugs, being their form of greeting. They are also curious and very organized. They hate the violence and prefers to be peaceful and respect the necessary rules imposed. Ebens easily get embarrassed if they do not know something and can't understand the technology of other races. They are not shy and are eager to enter into conversation with other beings. They put many questions if they do not know or do not understand something. These these features are very typical for the South Ebens, those with Caucasian skin. But on Selpo there are different Eben species and Ebens' creations like Archquloids, and the Archquloids, even if they can use telepathy, they can get angry and dangerous in an unknown place. Different species have different behaviors and personalities.
As you have already noticed, I can talk more and better about South Ebens since I was friend with an Eben male and, then I read on the internet about the astronauts who, during their stay in south of planet Selpo, studied their culture and principles. For this reason, I can say a few simple things about the sexuality of South caucasian Ebens. For this reason, I can say a few simple things about sexuality and moral values. The Southern Eben Society is working on anti-natalist policy because Selpo has quite hostile conditions and they must maintain a balance in resource consumption. Every family is allowed to have at most 2 babies. The children without parents are given to other families, so there are families with 2, 3 or 4 children. Some Ebens are bachelors.

When it comes to sexuality, I think they have no problem talking about the genitals, they are not even embarrassed to show the reproductive system. But when it comes to sexual intercourse with anyone, they become quite discreet and cautious. Because of their anti-natalist policy, they avoid too often sexual contacts, even if these do not involve procreation. It's like a primal instinct automatically. Children of Ebens do not feel this constraint, nor any danger and they have no problem in ''trying new experiences''. I wish I could talk at least about the genital organs of Eben males and females. But, unfortunately, I never thought of asking my female Eben friend about their female genitals and now I can not do that anymore. Instead, I remembered asking my friend Eben about their male genitals. I do not think he explained something to me, nor he talked about internal reproductive organs. But I remember pretty well what I saw. If what I had was a real picture, then an adult Eben's penis is a bit smaller than the penis of an European man. Normally the penis is inside the body in the pelvic area, which makes them seem to have no genitals. Their penis resembles that of a dog, that's the best association I can think of now. It has a pink-reddish color and is quite thin. There is no covering epidermis of penis when it is outside the body. The male genital organ is identical in Eben children and ''adolescents'', but they aren't able of procreation until maturity, I think so. I heard that Eben females' genitals are pretty similar of that of human women. Perhaps some people would ask if a sexual act could occur between an Eben and human. Taking it for both Eben men and women, it probably would not work or it would work hard. I'm not referring to procreation, just to simple sex. Speaking jokingly but seriously, the problem is the size of the bodies and genitals. It sounds funny to me because I've learned this on my own skin. I don't know what you think, but I still want to laugh. My male Eben friend was a teenager at that point and he was amused by everything new. the last time I saw him was an adult quite vigilant with the people, but he stayed just as funny. That's all I've learned until now.

Ebens have a religion
From what I read it seems Ebens have a simple religion/belief. However, their practice is very complex. It seems they have one God which they call an Entity and they have religious symbols that reflects other religious entities, which they call 'sub-entities' (like our saints).
South caucasian Eben
The Ebens belief in life-after-death is similar to the Roman Catholic church and to some Eastern religions doctrines. Once an Eben dies, their soul [bioplasmic body] is taken from the body by these sub-entities (saints) and cleansed of all their sins. The soul is then taken to a midpoint, between Heaven and that midpoint. Then once the soul is ready, it is taken to the "Supreme Plateau" (Heaven) where it remains for an eternity. 
Their beliefs become much more complex at this point. Some souls, called 'The Arranged' (that is their word), are prepared for entry back into the living society, i.e., this plane of existence. The Ebens believe that if they perform some specific act (referred to as 'karma' on Earth) during their regular life, they then can come back to the living life in another body. The Ebens believe in reincarnation and the eternity of the soul and they don't believe that animals or their sworn enemies of other space-travelling races have souls.

More photos of Ebens on Selpo


  1. Thank you for posting about this race.. I learned a lot. Heidi

  2. Hi. According to Len Kasten, there was 9 visitations of Ebens to Earth during the years of Project Serpo. Question,,,, Has there been sightings or official visitations of these beings in recent years (2016-2018)?

  3. "The Ebens believe in reincarnation and the eternity of the soul and they don't believe that animals or their sworn enemies of other space-travelling races have souls."

    That is a disconcerting statement. Perhaps this means that EBEN's do not have empathy for such or consider them lower species than themselves?

  4. Are there any Ebens looking to be friends with me? Hit me up!


  5. You are mixing up Grey's with Evens. The first drawing is the most accurate, followed by the drawing of the eben wearing the yellow outfit. They do not have the "goggle" style black eyes of the Grey's.

  6. Hey thanks for sharing your insights and experiences. Two questions,,,,, have you personally been onboard an alien craft or visited an alien planet? And is the 2,000-page government document containing the Project Serpo debriefing available for viewing on line? Please email me your reply,,,

    Thank you, Sir. I look forward to reply.

    Michael Janos
    Los Angeles
    (Yes my ancestors were Janosian aliens. Their huge mothership is still parked in orbit around Titan. They wish to resettle here on Earth.

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    Can you please confirm. Were the ETs recovered at Roswell Ebens or Greys? I read a report that says the Roswell ETs had no internal organs and ingested no food through their mouths. I'm confused.

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